All testimonials have been provided by customers either in writing or verbally. Surnames have been changed for privacy.

Mr and Mrs B, from Weymouth. “We were skeptical when we had the call, but the rep demonstrated the damage the fibreglass was doing. He was very honest and we all went into the loft together. I’ve never been happier to spend money and the investment in my home is worth every penny. We had serious damp problems before, but they’re a thing of the past. Thank you very much.”

Mrs G, from Briantspuddle. “I genuinely noticed a difference straight away. The night it [Lapolla] was installed, I had to open the windows! The day after, I asked my son to come and turn the radiators down. I’m so happy!”

Mr and Mrs W, from Weymouth. “The fitters were excellent. I would highly recommend Dorset Insulation Ltd, thank you very much for a job well done.”

Mrs G, from Stoke-Sub-Hamdon. “The gentlemen were here exactly on time, they were so polite and so clean. They’ve left the place cleaner than it was when they started! I’m sure I can feel a difference already!”

Mr and Mrs J, from Weymouth. “We were very surprised to see just how much damage the fibreglass was causing, now it’s gone the air feels fresher in the house and the mould hasn’t come back on the ceilings.”