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Our company is founded on the belief that our customer’s needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs, ensuring that whilst delivering the best insulation solution for your needs, we carry out every job thoroughly and professionally every time ensuring that we exceed your expectations. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Spray foam installation


What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam is one of the most efficient and modern insulation methods available on the market today. With the costs of energy bills rising every year, no matter which provider you choose, consumers are seeking alternative methods to help warm their home. At South West Insulation Solutions, Ltd., we recommend to customers keen to reduce the costs of their utilities that they have our spray foam installed into their property.

Money Saving Benefits

Installing spray foam insulation will help save you and your household money every year. The spray foam will seal air within the property and help prevent heat loss; this will make it cheaper to warm your home up in the winter and help you save money every year. If you wish to sell your home in the future, buyers will find buying your property with a more attractive option.


Increased Comfort

As your home will be sealed up, you will find that your home is more comfortable than ever before. Drafts will be a thing of the past as they will be massively reduced in your home. The seal created by the spray foam installation will help reduce cold and hot spots within the home as gaps are closed and contribute to an even temperature within your property. If your home is near a noisy area, life will have been pretty uncomfortable however you will not have to suffer anymore as the spray foam seal will help reduce the effect of noise.

Resin Driveways

We are one of the South West’s leading suppliers for Resin-Bound Driveway systems.

We are the market leader in resin bound driveways on the South Coast. With over 15 years experience in resin bound products we offer a bespoke service like no other, allowing you to express your inner designer. We are based on Portland and service all of Dorset including Weymouth, Dorchester, Bridport, Bournemouth and Poole and all areas in between!

Our beautiful made to measure resin bonded driveways, patios or garden paths are the ideal way to add real kerb appeal to your property. Our experience of designing & installing resin products is second to none, you’ll get the driveway of your dreams, on time and to budget.

As a leading installer, our experience stretches across a wide range of designs. You may not have seen the driveway, path or patio you are looking for in any brochure yet, but because our range is made to order, we can easily fulfil your requirements and make your dream a reality.

Why use a resin bound system?

That’s simple, resin bound naturally drains water through the finished surface, which means its great for consumers who have lots of puddles or flooding. It is 10 times more eco friendly than concrete, and with the right sub base it wont crack like concrete or tarmac resulting in a much better all round product.

Take a look at our testimonials

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We were skeptical when we had the call, but the rep demonstrated the damage the fibreglass was doing. He was very honest and we all went into the loft together. I’ve never been happier to spend money and the investment in my home is worth every penny. We had serious damp problems before, but they’re a thing of the past. Thank you very much Mr and Mrs B

from Weymouth

I genuinely noticed a difference straight away. The night it [Lapolla] was installed, I had to open the windows! The day after, I asked my son to come and turn the radiators down. I’m so happy! Mrs G

from Briantspuddle

The fitters were excellent. I would highly recommend Dorset Insulation Ltd, thank you very much for a job well done Mr and Mrs W

from Weymouth

The gentlemen were here exactly on time, they were so polite and so clean. They’ve left the place cleaner than it was when they started! I’m sure I can feel a difference already! Mrs G

from Stoke-Sub-Hamdon

We were very surprised to see just how much damage the fibreglass was causing, now it’s gone the air feels fresher in the house and the mould hasn’t come back on the ceilings. Mr and Mrs J

from Weymouth